Oddfellows Brass

Oddfellows Brass

Making Music, Having Fun, Making Friends.

Ranging in age from 15-75 we practise twice a week in our own bandroom in a section of Leicestershire where the Charnwood Forest and National Forest virtually mingle roots.

The band, its ‘Friends’ and supporters are a sociable bunch: we enjoy a laugh in the bandroom; a joke on the concert stage; and each others’ company on the occasional stay-away for long distance concerts. The band covers petrol allowance for certain concerts for qualifying drivers. *

We constantly aim to improve our playing and audience experience: we are currently in the First Section.

To fulfill our band Sponsorship contract we ask that to make yourself available for at least 6 out of 8 Sponsorship concerts per year, and help us to find deputies for the concerts you cannot attend.*

Returning players and those from the Second Section upwards are welcome to contact us for a blow and, if required, even join our ‘Retained Players’ list of deputies for concerts around the country.

(*) Details on request from the Band Manager/Band Master

Oddfellows Brass Oddfellows Brass