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Oddfellows Brass

Making Music, Having Fun, Making Friends.

The History Of The Band

Oddfellows Brass started life as a youth band under the name of Unity Brass in 1981 and was founded by our current Musical Director, Rob Boulter. A steady evolutionary process over the years has enabled the band to maintain its reputation as a friendly and informal organisation whilst still achieving considerable progress musically.

The band has made a steady progression in the National Brass band rankings, achieving qualification for the National Brass Band Finals on six occasions, including a performance at the Royal Albert hall in London. The band were runners-up in the 2nd Section Finals in 1995, and reached the First Section Finals in September 1998. In 1999 we were promoted once again, this time to the elite Championship Section.

The Band have also embarked on several tours including four visits to the Caribbean island of Barbados as well as tours in Europe. A tour to Barbados is planned for 2016.

The year 2000 saw the band fall on hard times with the departure of our M.D and several players and for a while it struggled to stay afloat, at one point being down to five players, but with characteristic determination the band stayed alive and not only recruited new players but managed to persuade some of the ‘old’ faces, including Rob, to return and once the band reconsolidated to regain their position back in the First Section.


Oddfellows Brass is very proud of its long association with The Oddfellows whose extensive sponsorship and support has proved invaluable. Until 2008 the band had always been known as Unity Brass, however, a change in corporate image led the Society to drop ‘Unity’ from their name and the band had no hesitation in adopting the new name of Oddfellows Brass. Our sponsorship agreement has not only provided our very own building, a former Methodist Chapel and Hall bought from William Davis Band close to Junction 22 of the M1 in Markfield, Leicestershire but have supported individual players through the Society’s various health and education schemes and have given us the opportunity to perform all over the U.K at Society events.

As we head towards our 35th year in 2016 we continue to look forward to a very exciting future knowing that excellent foundations are in place to foster our continued development.

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