Oddfellows Brass

Rob Boulter - Musical Director

Rob started his playing career at the age of 9. He was playing with his friends and said they were off to band practice. Rob was asked if he wanted to join them. His father’s workmate had given him a very old cornet in a cloth bag so he said yes not knowing what to expect.


He joined Enderby band, the village just 1 mile from his home, and played there until he was 12 years old. At this point he was also playing with the Leicestershire youth band. Rob then joined Leicester Imperial Band on repiano cornet.


A couple of years passed when he was asked to play soprano. He had never played in a band that had a sop player so he jumped at the chance - not knowing just how hard it would turn out to be!


Again when he became 18, he was asked to guest play for the Leicester Foresters on sop for the Brass Gauntlet radio competition. At this time, Rob had his first section practice and realised there is no hiding place and started to work much harder at his playing. They won the competition and he moved to the Foresters. In the years that followed he won the best soprano award for the London and Home counties 4 years on the run 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979. During this period he also started conducting the youth band at the Foresters. They had several successes and both Rob and the band were gaining valuable experience.


In 1981, Rob and three other senior members of the youth band took out second mortgages and purchased a complete set of instruments. At this point, Unity Brass was formed, later to be known as Oddfellows Brass. Rob continued to play for a while with Ransomes but it became obvious that more time was required if the newly formed band was to survive and flourish.


The Players

Soprano Cornet Lee
Principal cornet Joe
Solo cornets Ian, John, Mick and Andy
Repiano Cornet Jo
Second Cornets Paul and vacancy
Third Cornets Kay and Stan
Flugel Horn Grace
Solo Horn Ann
First Horn Dale
Second Horn Katie
Solo Baritone vacancy
Second Baritone Milly
Solo Trombone Jon
Second Trombone Jan and Shelley
Bass Trombone Karina
Solo Euphonium Jack
Second Euphonium John and Fran
Eb Bass Pete and Ann
Bb Bass Andy and Stuart
Percussion vacancy